Curchorem: A woman and her mother-in-law died on the spot after the scooter on which they were travelling was hit by mining truck at Tilamol, Quepem, on Wednesday.
According to Quepem police, Deepika P Dessai (30), her two-year-old son, and mother-in-law Nayan Dessai (55) were proceeding on their two-wheeler to the latter’s house at Culwada, Cuncolim, from Ghotmorod, Curchorem.
“On reaching the Tilamol junction, a mining truck that was proceeding towards the mine at Mascavrem, Rivona after unloading ore at Curchorem, hit them from behind and dragged them around 10 meters away. Both women died on the spot, but the child miraculously escaped with injuries after falling from the two-wheeler,” said a source.
The boy has been admitted to Hospicio Hospital, Margao, for treatment, while the women’s bodies have been preserved for a postmortem.
Following the incident, people were furious and were heard saying that the traffic police were not present at the time of accident, when they were supposed to be around during transportation of ore.
“Instead of blaming the authorities, we must first blame ourselves because we are remaining quite instead of raising our voices against the complete failure of the administration,” said a local who was present at the accident site.
Quepem Deputy Collector Shankar Gaonkar, Dy SP Sammy Tavares, Quepem PI Pravin Gauns and Curchorem PI Ravindra Dessai later visited the site and were seen pacifying the crowd.
Incidentally, on Tuesday, the roads at Curchorem-Sanvordem were blocked for nearly three hours due to transportation of ore from various mines to Curchorem-jetties, and as a result a Hindu couple missed their wedding mohurat.
People had criticized the government for failing to create mining-related infrastructure, including building mining corridors and widening roads. [H]