Draft IT Policy Unveiling

The new IT Investment draft policy which was kept as a closely guarded secret for several months was finally unveiled two months back amidst much speculations. True stakeholders of the policy like the local IT/ITES industry as well as trade and commerce bodies like the Confederation of Indian Industries(CII), Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industries GCCI were kept at bay from the draft as well the Investors meet at which the Draft IT policy was to be unveiled. This resulted in a feeling of being left out in the local IT/ITES circles. In an attempt to negate this effect the department invited suggestions from people, IT/ITES Industry, IT professionals etc on the Policy. The policy was to be finalized a month after the draft was released. It has been over two months now but there are no signs of the finalization of the policy.

Goa IT policy 2005 was scrapped on March 12th paving way for the new policy which limited itself to the Investment component of the IT/ITES industry.

The reason for unveiling this policy during the investors meet was twofold as per the government. Firstly, the department wished to receive inputs and suggestions from Industry stalwarts who attended the investors meet about the draft. Secondly as the meet was a conglomeration of top IT/ITES/ESDM investors the government wanted to make a case for Goa as the most preferred IT destination in India. But given the lukewarm response of the national IT Industry and Industry Stalwarts to the meet it appears that the purpose was hardly met with.

On the backdrop of the announcement of the two parks – a 6 lakh sq m one at Chimbel for the IT/ITES Industry and a 4 lakh sq m one for ESDM industry park at Tuem the government expects to woo investors to set up shops here. The Investment policy which was announced in June 2014 and the formation of Investment Promotion Board for singe window speedy disposal of industry related formalities also provides a strong case for the state.