BJP workers in Cansaulim constituency were upset after a banner of AAP was seen hanging outside the office of BJP RDA minister Alina Saldanha at Cansaulim. This stirred up anger among the BJP supporters and workers in Cortalim constituency.

Apparently the nephew of late  Mathany Saldana (Ex Environment and Forest minister) Olencio Simoes is contesting in Cortalim constituency for AAP. His poster was hung on the gate of compound of Alina’s office. BJP workers allege that they had seen Simoes putting up his posters in Cansaulim village.

The poster shows Simoes with Arvind Kejriwal asking to vote for Simoes in the upcoming elections. When spoke to alina Saldanha, she said, “if Simoes has done it then it is an immature move on his side. Everyone has a right to contest but in a matured manner.”

When media contacted Olencio Simoes he said that i have not put that banner on Saldana office