Goa AAP has demanded the immediate resignation of Sanguem MLA Subhash Phaldesai pending investigation into a number of scandals involving him that point towards corrupt and criminal behaviour.

AAP condemns this “goonda raj” and demands that the CM immediately obtain the resignation of Sanguem MLA Subhash Phaldesai and launch an independent probe into the reports of his nepotism and despotism says a party press comminique.

“Latest media reports appear to have established direct commercial links between his immediate family and the company that has been given extraordinary support by Govt agencies to establish a beer factory in his constituency” states a press release by AAP . AAP claimed that they were the first to raise serious questions about the factory project back in January. An AAP team had conducted a site visit to Amdai to understand the issues and talk to the local villagers, and posed 11 questions to the Govt regarding the legal, technical, environmental and social implications of the project. Many of the questions raised by AAP were even discussed in the Assembly session, however, the opposition MLAs did not counter the weak responses by the Govt. “It appears that the draconian IPB is nothing but a vehicle for MLAs such as Subhash Phaldesai to indulge in brazen illegalities for financial gain,”said Valmiki Naik, AAP office bearer.


It may also be recalled that Subhash Phaldesai was directly named in the complaint by Caurem panch and tribal activist Ravindra Velip, in the  incident of assault within the precincts of Sada jail. However, the Goa Police, had failed to file an FIR in this incident AAP press release further stated that  Subhash Phaldesai is no stranger to violence, and even as South Goa Zilla parishad member in 2008 he was accused of assaulting mining activists, including an 80-year old lady, during a protest. More recently, in 2014, he was also reportedly involved in a physical altercation with Thivim MLA Kiran Kandolkar in Delhi in which he even sustained injuries to his head as well as his ego.