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About digITal Goa

‘Digital Goa’ is a media house committed to the cause of popularising Information & Communication Technology(ICT) with the masses of Goa. Digital Goa was established in 2002 and since inception we have been striving to take IT to the masses through our several Information and Communication Technology (ICT) related and people centric endeavours.

Recognitions for Digital Goa Services
• Digital Goa SMS Breaking news service was nominated for the South Asia Manthan Award 2009 in the M-Content Category (http://manthanaward.org/section_synopsis.asp?id=195)
• SMS Breaking news service has also received the distinction of being listed in the Limca Book of Records for its uniqueness.

Digital GoaImportant Services/Projects of digITalGoa

SMS Breaking News Service
What we at ‘Digital Goa’ regard as a feather in our cap is our most popular venture, a unique, widely used and highly cherished news service ‘Digital Goa SMS News Service’. By using ICT the latest news and happenings, generated by the network of dedicated reporters, across Goa are SMSed to thousands of people across Goa almost instantly, as and when the event occurs. Our SMS news service is subscribed by most prominent people of the state including the Chief minister, other ministers, top businessmen and even common men. It is appreciated by all for its quickness and authenticity.
www.digITalGoa.com – Goa centric portal
Our website www.digitalgoa.com is popular with the Goan Diaspora across the globe as well with those wanting to know about Goa. We have thousands of Goa related information seekers visiting our website every day. Due to the comprehensive, contemporary, relevant information on our website we have achieved the distinction of being the favourite amongst the Goan Netizens. This Goa centric portal not only updates latest Goa specific news but information on every aspect of Goa. It also hosts commercial information as well.
Digital Goa Taluka Centric Publications
Digital Goa publishes two Taluka Level Newsletters – Ponda Scan & Margao Scan. Both these Taluka centric monthly Newsletter have been receiving considerable support and appreciation from the residents of these Talukas as the magazine has been highlighting many issues affecting their lives.

Digital Family – IT Fortnightly
Our first venture which we started way back in the year 2000, is a fortnightly called ‘DIGITAL FAMILY’, a magazine dedicated to the popularizing IT in the state of Goa. The magazine presents relevant IT related information to its readers in simplified and easily comprehendible form. It is circulated all the schools, educational institutes and IT firms in the state.
Another one of its kind initiative of Digital Goa which has received great response from across Goa more specifically with Goa enthusiasts and the students community is the comprehensive CD on Goa named as ‘Discover Goa’. The CD contains thousands of photographs and writeups on virtually every significant aspect of Goa. The CD is broadly classified into history, geography, culture, literature, infrastructure, industry, heritage, nature, tourism etc. All these topics and their various facets have come alive with photographs and relevant information presented in an attractive way. This first of its kind CD, will go a long way in taking the richness of Goa in every sphere to Goans and tourists alike.
3D Photo exhibition on Goa at Goa Science Centre
A unique exhibition of 3D photographs of Goa was installed at Goa Science Centre, Miramar for over 6 months by Digital Goa. The exhibition gave unique opportunity to the people to see prominent places of Goa in 3 dimensions. The 3D photographs, which were to be viewed with special 3D glasses provided at the exhibition site, brought these places live before the Goa Science Center visitors including tourists from across the globe.
Goa Email & website Directory
Digital Goa has also printed Goa’s first and only Email and website directory containing thousands of websites and email addresses of businesses, professionals, institutions, individuals etc. Hundreds of copies of the directory were used by Goans across Goa.
Audio Visual CDs on different facets of Goa & Goa in 3D CD
Digital Goa team has also published Audio Visual CDs on different facets of Goa as well a CD of 3D photographs of Goa. Forts of Goa, Goa State Museum, Shigmo of Goa, Carnival of Goa, Heritage Houses of Goa, handicrafts of Goa are some of the CDs that have received very good response from Goans and tourists alike.