Kimmy Katkar has made me a kumquat cake. A friend brought the fresh fruit from Australia and she baked it in honour of our interview; it’s clear she needs little incentive. Later this evening she’ll be off for sundowners – she’s already decked out in wedges, a caftan and sunglasses. But for now, it’s time to unwind by the pool with her photographer husband Shantanu Sheorey, son Siddhanth and the friend. We’re having lemon liqueur with the cake. Because what else is there to do on a warm winter afternoon in Goa?

The Sheoreys have lived in Mumbai, Melbourne and Pune, but moved to Goa in 2014, when Shantanu decided to open a photography school here. They’re part of a small number of people who’ve always known that Goa’s charms extended beyond boozy breaks, calamari starters and Instagram sunsets, but who’ve realised that it’s finally possible to live here full time and make a living in the shade of its coconut groves.

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