Women leaders of the Congress in Goa on Saturday accused Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar of demeaning women “in the worst possible way”, after he compared the state’s casino conundrum to a pregnant woman.
“Parsekar should apologise for his comments. Being pregnant is a beautiful thing. He has insulted it by comparing a pregnant woman to gambling,” Goa Women’s Congress chief Sunita Verenkar told reporters here.
On Friday, Parsekar had blamed the Congress for foisting the legacy of casinos on to Goa.
“Someone had said that I was compelled to marry a pregnant woman and we have to take care of the child. So now what to do? We have to take care of this mess,” Parsekar said when asked about new offshore casinos in Goa.
While erstwhile Congress governments had allowed offshore casinos to set shop in Goa, the BJP which had promised to scrap offshore casinos is now being accused of being biased towards the offshore casino industry.