The BOLT a Platform developed by Goa based firm Inventrom is an easy and hands on method for developers to plunge into the promising technology of tomorrow – ‘The Internet of things’.

Ryan D'Çosta
Ryan D’Çosta

Ryan D’Costa, Business Development Incharge- Inventrom speaks about how developers can jump onto the IoT bandwagon for business advantage using BOLT.
So we all have a vague image of what technology looks like 5 years from now don’t we? We have unfathomable amount of data bouncing between the Technologies of Hadoop, Big Data and the incredible Internet of Things! So how does one get his hands to fidget with a technology like this? Where does he really start?

Simplifying learning – A trait that the Goa based IoT company Inventrom has been carrying with it for the past few years is an ideal one for all those curious about the Internet of Things Technology. The startup which won the Chief Ministers Award for being the Best Technology Startup in Goa for their innovation – The Bolt IoT Platform, has designed a specialized course on Internet of Things where in developers from around the globe can learn how to build Internet of Things Products and prototypes at the lowest costs and in the shortest time.

How does this work?

With the Bolt Technology, a user can interface any physical device/machine to the Wi-Fi using the Bolt Card, Build a customized smartphone app UI using just HTML for remotely accessing you devices throught the Bolt App and Finally control and monitor all your devices from any part of the world using the Bolt cloud service.

Bolt Goa Startups

The company is having a special offer for all the developers in Goa where in the training on Internet of Things (worth Rs. 8750/-) would be absolutely Free of cost. The user would only have to purchase the hardware kit of Rs. 1975/-  to get started with the development.

The code for availing the discount is “STARTUPGOA” . You can register for the training and kit on This offer will be valid only until Tuesday -28th June 2016. So hurry! Do not miss out on this amazing opportunity.