Vehicle carrying three animals including two bulls and one buffalo was intercepted by Pernem police at Nhaybag , Pernem based on the complaint given by one Kamlakant Tari. The vehicle as well as the animals were taken into custody by Pernem police.

As per the information given by Pernem police,   Ramesh Karmarkar (65), a farmer from Sawantwadi had picked up the animals from Harmal and Virnoda in Pernem on Wednesday morning . He was transporting them in a tempo when Gorakshapremi Kamlakant  Tari noticed the same and informed Pernem police. A complaint was also filed against  Ramesh Karmarkar and vehicle driver Rabhoba Chowkikar(40) from Insuli, Sawantawadi. Pernem police acted based on this complaint and stopped the vehicle transporting the animals.

When the matter came before Pernem Court the concerned were fined to the tune of rupees four thosand nine hundred. The court also directed that only when the concerned present relevant documents of purchase of the animals before the court shall the animals be given in their custody. Till then all the three animals are ordered to be kept in the cowshed of of Goraksha Premi Samiti.