City Breaking- Goa’s First Taluka Level Mobile News Alerts App- Your Authentic & Fastest Source for your Taluka News updates.
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One stop app for all Local news stories & Events that shape your Taluka.
Micro coverage of local news for the first time in Goa. Politics, Business, Crime, Sports, Events, Problems, Issues – Everything that matters to you, matters to us!


City Breaking App will set Goa News world on fire! Digital Goa changed the way Goa kept itself updated with the news 11 years ago with the launch of SMS News Service. Digital Goa has been very professional, consistent, authentic and unbiased while running India’s only of its kind SMS News Service that has won the trust of the people of Goa. Keeping up with the times, Digital Goa also added Whatsapp and Facebook as a medium for disseminating news. This App will provide a different and state-of-the-art experience to the news- hungry people of Goa!