Prime Minister of Portugal, Mr. Antonio Costa toured the Fontainhas area in Panjim on Thursday. He was greeted by residents and school children.

“We must not just look back to our shared history but also look ahead and create newer ties,” said Prime Minister of Portugal, Antonio Costa.


He was speaking at a function organised at the Fundacao Oriente, in Fontainhas, Panaji on Thursday.
The Prime Minister paid tributes to late Paulo Varela Gomes, a historian and former director of Fundacao Oriente, and posthumously awarded him with a Cultural Merit Medal which was accepted by Gomes’ wife Patricia Vieira.


Commending the works of Paulo, Antonio Costa further said, “His works led to the rediscovery of various aspects of Goa, India, and as a result, of Portugal itself.”


Costa spoke of the integration of cultures in Paulo’s works.

“Fontainhas is best example of how Paulo crafted a cultural synthesis which he had seen around him, a culture which is truly Goan.”

Prior to the function the Portugal PM toured Panaji’s Latin Quarter area. Residents of the area and school children greeted him. A brass band played as well.
Referring to  well known Goan architect, Charles Correa’s contribution to creating iconic landmark in Portugal,Antonio Costa, spoke of how cultural exchanges between Goa and Portugal should be encouraged in order to create a brighter future.