Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar held his first cabinet meeting today. “Now speculations about stability of government in Goa should be stopped. Our government will last for 5 years,” CM told media persons after his cabinet meet.
Cabinet Meeting Decisions

* Governor will address the state legislative assembly on March 23. Speech approved by cabinet today will address policy decisions of the government.
* Dattaprasad Lawande will be appointed as Advocate General(AG) of Goa.
* By Monday Goa Governments strategy on Mahadayi water dispute will be decided.

“It is very important issue for us,” said CM. We will take care of Goa and handle the issue very seriously he added.
* Legal examination is on about the issue of liquior outlets on highways. We will give a solution to the problem said CM.
* Portfolios notifications on Monday. CM is still discussing with ministers on choice of portfolios.