Panaji – The Goa Human rights commission  observed in its recent order that ‘last opportunity is given to respondent No.2 Directorate of Panchayat and the respondant No.3, Chief secretary, Government of Goa to appear before the commission, failing which appropriate warrant will be issued to secure their presence’
This ordered is passed in proceeding No 131/2014 based on complaint dated 28/05/2014 from complainant Dr.Anthony Rodrigues with regards to non availability of burial and cremation grounds in different talukas of Goa and resultant violation of rights of the dead person to have a decent burial or cremation.
Aftert hearing Adv. Shri Satish Sonak, for complainant, The human rights commission by it s earlier ordered dated 21/07/2014 had directed issuance of notices to Director of municipal Administration and director of panchayat to furnish particulars about the facilities available for burial/cremation in the different munciplities /panchayats.On 23/02/2015 complainants Adv.  Satish Sonak filed the report No.4 of then law commission of Goa relating to ‘Goa Public crematoria and burial places Bill, 2009. With reference to the same the Goa Human rights commission chairperson Justice P.K. Misra and member J.A. Keny directed the director of panchayat and the state of Goa through the chief secretary, to file their reply and also furnish status report relating to the report of the law commission and next hearing was fixed on 22/04/2015.
On 22nd April 2015, The director of panchayat and chief secretary were not present and The Goa human rights commission members shri A.D.Salkar and shri J.A.. Keny ordered to issue summons to said respondants to appear before the commission on the next date of hearing on 20th july 2015 for recording their statement.
On 20th july 2015 , the human rights commission chairperson Justice P.K. Misra and members shri A.D.Salkar and shri J.A.. Keny have unanimously stated in their order “it is unfortunate inspite of summons issued to the respondent No.2 Director of panchayat and respondant No.3 chief secretary to remain present before this commission for the purpose of recording their statement, they have chosen not to appear.
The case is now adjorned to 07/10/2015 at 11.00 am