Open Letter by GITP to Chimbel Villagers

Seeing our motherland become prosperous is a dream we all have. We all want to see our children grow up to be capable citizens we will be proud of. Sadly today, a part of the Goan economy is driven by industries like gambling and real estate. Then there are illegal activities such as drugs and prostitution to which local youth is turning. The educated youth of Goa on the other hand are leaving Goa to earn a livelihood. This current trend is degrading the identity of Goa. If this has to be changed, we need to create suitable conditions to invite an industry that provides respectable jobs for our youth. IT is an industry that is seen as desirable and welcome in any part of the world. The kind of jobs it offers and the kind of salaries it pays cannot be matched by any other industry. The Government has taken steps in a big way to utilize unused Government land to set up an IT park in Chimbel. This should have been welcomed with open arms by the entire state and more so by Chimbel village. It is unfortunate and shocking to see such a project facing opposition from the people who are sure to benefit from it.


When you demand benefits for locals, you cannot restrict your minds to a define locals as people from your own village, constituency, ward or taluka. We live in a state. We all have friends and relatives in other parts of the state. They have children who will eventually graduate. Even they have to earn a living. If there is no job opportunity in Goa, they will leave their state behind and settle somewhere else. Eventually they will sell their land to a non-Goan. This will be a loss to the Goan identity and you will have unknowingly contributed to it if you oppose this project.


On the other hand, if this project succeeds, your relatives staying elsewhere will find a job opportunity right here in Goa. Your family will not lose people. You will have them around you all the time. When your own children grow up, they themselves will find a job in a well-paying knowledge-based industry which does not involve gambling, stealing, drinking, drugs or any other sin.


It is mandatory for all companies to take up CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities. These involve donations to schools, laying roads, installing traffic islands, setting up electric poles, blood donation camps, etc. Most companies do these activities in the vicinity of their units. With this, we should expect a whole lot of development in the village initiated by the IT companies that get set up there. In several parts of India, the people living in the areas where an IT hub is developed, have become rich due the higher land value and new businesses such as restaurants, hostels, shopping centers, etc. Youth from very poor families who got into IT are now living a respectable life.


A vibrant community of IT professionals has been working relentlessly to promote a locally sustainable IT industry in Goa, thereby triggering economic activity in the state. Our goal is to make sure Goans do not have to leave the state for a job. At the same time we do not support influx of migrants into Goa. We strive towards an industry that is supported largely by local manpower. This is one industry that absorbs youth from all educational streams and is hence the most suitable one for Goa. Every software company needs not just programmers but accountants, lawyers, fine arts graduates, and almost people from every profession. Goa has every educational stream and is capable of providing manpower to the IT industry.


A lot of focus is being given to electronics, software and manufacturing in the Make in India programme launched at the center. Several companies from across the world are opening their centers in India. Goa cannot afford to lose out on this opportunity. We can get a fair share of these initiatives if we stop opposing good and green industries. Our youth will no longer have to go to the gulf to earn good money. They will be able to get a much better paying job living right here in Goa.


We all want more Goans around us. Reality is that thousands of Goans have had to leave Goa so far for jobs and many more are on their way out. You, our brothers and sisters from Chimbel, can bring about a change by wholeheartedly supporting the IT park. Entire Goa will thank you for saving several generations of the state.