Goa and Lakshadweep ranked first with cent per cent registered deaths as medically certified in 2013, followed by 92.9 per cent in Chandigarh, 73.3 per cent in Dadra & Nagar Haveli, 73.1 per cent in Puducherry and 60.3 per cent in Delhi. This was disclosed in the recently released report on Medical Certification of Cause of Death 2013 compiled by Census Commissioner of India. The ranking of States/UTs has been done on the basis of percentage of medically certified deaths to total registered deaths.

Amongst major States, the highest level of medical certification of cause of death has been observed in Maharashtra (33.4 per cent), which stands at the fourteenthrank. Chart 2.7 depicts the rank of the States/UTs in the medical certification. Statement 2.7: Ranking of States/UTs in the medical certification of cause of death”

As an activity of Registrar General & Census Commissioner of India, Ministry of Home Affairs Government, The MCCD under Civil Registration System has been implemented in the States/UTs in a phased manner to provide data on cause of death. However, it has so far been implemented in only certain hospitals, generally in urban areas which are selected by the Chief Registrar of Births & Deaths. Thus, the scheme covers mostly those deaths, which occur in medical institutions located in urban areas. The coverage under the scheme in terms of percentage level of medical certification as well as the type of hospitals covered has not been uniform across the States/UTs. Some of the States have notified only teaching and specialized hospitals under it, whereas in others, only district hospitals and Primary Health Centers (PHCs) have been brought under its ambit. There are three States/UT viz. Kerala, Meghalaya and Lakshadweep which are yet to formally notify the scheme. In order to take the scheme of MCCD forward in a systematic manner in the country, the Registrar General, India has been impressing upon all the States/UTs to bring all hospitals (whether public or private) and private medical practitioners under its coverage, both in rural as well as urban areas.

How Goa achieved no. 1 rank
In year 1999, the office Registrar General & Census Commissioner of India at Panjim through the Office of Planning, Statistics & Evaluation, Govt Goa started Trainings for Doctors on MCCD. The trainings were conducted with help of Department of Forensic Medicine, Goa Medical College for doctors of GMC as well as Directorate of Health services. Since then, for last 16 years such training are conducted by them with help of Goa Medical College for GMC doctors, DHS doctors, IMA doctors , Ayurvedic & Homeopathic doctors and Dr. Madhu Ghodkirekar has been coordinating these training right from start.
By now nearly 3700 doctors from Goa have undergone these training, which means practically every doctors in Goa has undergone these training. Goa Medical college has included these training as part of interns orientation programme for every so also for interns of Homeopathic & Ayurvedic College, so that even new doctors are trained under this schme.
As coordinator for these training for last 16 years, to achieve this status in world’s largest data collecting system, credit goes to:-
1. Every doctor of Goa who knows importance of Civil Registration System
2. The Director & Staff of Department of Planning, Statistic & Evaluation who has taken this activity as mission rather than job
3. Deputy Director & Staff of registrar Census, Goa office for bring funds every year for training
4. The Dean & academic Section of GMC for making this as part of Aacdemic Activity
5. Training Faculties supporting coordinator: dr. S.D.Sapeco, Ex HOD Forensic, Dr. Amit Dias, PSM, Dr. Somnatyh Perni, PSM, Dr. P V Rataboli, IMA president & Dept of Pharmacoliogy
6. The Director DHS , Presidents of State IMA chapters, principals of ayurvedic & homeopathic College for conducting these training for doctors.
This is best example where team work can make a change.
Thanks and compliments for every one for achieving this a mile stone in Civil registration system.