Panaji – Jan 25 – (press note) Goa government should ensure that the government does not discriminate between Adarsh Gram Village Rachol adopted by Congress MP as against villages of Cola and Ibrampur adopted by BJP MPs, and that ,development works in all three villages should be carried out with equal speed and honesty, said Mr. Shantaram Naik while inaugurating a camp under Adarsh Gram Yojna at Rachol in Curtorim assembly constituency.

Shri. Regnaldo Lawrence MLA of Curtorim, Collector of South Goa Shri. Sachin Shinde, Sarpanch of Rachol Shri. Joseph Vaz. Rev. Fr. Roque Da Costa, Deputy Collector Mrs. Sangeeta and other officers were also present.

Mr Naik said that during Congress rule, there was no discrimination made in the implementation of schemes in various constituencies.

Mr. Naik said that central government has not allotted any funds for the implementation of the scheme whereas Smart City Scheme is going to get Crores of rupees all over India.

Mr. Naik said that recently a fresh letter has been sent by the central government to all MPs to suggest the names of the next Gram Panchayat which MPs desired to adopt. However Mr. Naik said since there is tremendous procedural delays caused in the implementation of the first gram panchayat itself, the government should have waited before asking MPs to suggest names of next panchayats.

Mr. Naik said Adarsh Gram Yojna requires only existing schemes to be implemented vigorously and with speed, and therefore, Mr Naik said the schemes which he has suggested for implementation under MPLAD, such as the development of grounds, Health centers , E – toilets ,High Mast lamps Hearse Van etc. should be expeditiously implemented.
Shri. Reginaldo Lawrence, Curtorim MLA said that Mr. Naik consulted him before adopting Rachol Village, and that he and Sarpach Joseph Vaz are doing their best to get schemes implemented.

Sarpanch Shri. Joseph Vaz said that Government departments, specilally the department of Tribal Welfare department are doing their best to make the scheme successful.

The Collector of South Goa who is in-charge of the scheme said that Adarsh Gram Yojna is not an independent scheme but a scheme which requires the government agencies to implement the existing schemes with special emphasis.

Rev. Fr. said that as desired by MP he is giving his blessings to the implementation of the scheme.

Various certificates from the Bank and other departments of the government were issued to the applicants at the hands of MP, MLA, Sarpanch, the Collector etc.