Goa Against Coal (GAC) & Our Rivers Our Rights (OROR) had demanded removal of Goa’s rivers from schedule of National waterways Act and stop coal handling completely.
“We don’t buy argument of CM that he has objected coal handling because his actions are totally contradictory”, activists of both the NGOs said today. “We have no funding from outside state. However, government is speaking on behalf of corporates like Jindal Adani and Vedanta. There is a nexus between coal and river nationalization”, they added. Centre is now owner of 6 Goan rivers and surrounding khajan lands by act of 2016. That is why we want rivers be removed from schedule, they said. Governments Sagarmala report itself says that coal in MPT is for use of steel industry. It has no connection with power generation. CM is trying to misguide Goans, they added. 60 to 70 million tons per annum coal will be transported from Goa. “Presently 12 million ton goes by 7 Trains from Goa. Govt is privatising rivers. It will kill tourism industry too,” they added