Handicraft on Wheels to market products made by rural artisans

“Handicrafts on Wheel has been initiated to give exposure to the Goan rural artist and to provide a platform to market the product of the artisans,” said Minister for Industries, Mahadev Naik while inaugurating ‘Handicrafts on Wheels’ vehicles.

These vehicles are to be kept at prominent tourist locations, market places, beaches, fairs, Jatra festivals etc. across Goa to market goods produced by Goan artisans.

“ As many as 50 lakhs tourist visit the State every year and most of them get attracted to the handicrafts items. The concept Handicrafts on Wheel will go a long way to exhibit the rural talent of artist at national and international level”, Naik further added.

Speaking on the occasion MLA and Chairman GHRSSIDC, Lavoo Mamledar said that the concept of Handicrafts on Wheel is to provide a market for Goan Handicrafts item made by local artisans.