Goa Forward today condemned the statement of VHP threatening to impose beef ban in Goa and sent a stern warning to VHP leaders against stroking communal disharmony in the state.


“As a minister I want to tell that any lawbreaker will be punished. Pramod Muthalik has been barred from entering Goa consistently by the govt for couple of years. If VHP leaders continue to create communal disharmony the same fate may fall on them. Communal disharmony and tensions in the state will not be tolerated in Goa since Goa is a peace loving state. I am saying this after speaking to the Chief minister as he also shares the same opinion”, TCP Minister Vijay Sardessai said while speaking to media persons in Margao.


“VHP says they have people who will further the agenda. We Goans have the capacity to take on them. Goa Forward assures every Goan that nobody from outside will be able to import communal disharmony in Goa,” Vijay added.