Vaccination drive against KFD which started in Sattari today has received positive response from villagers this year round informed  Dr. Amrish Naik  of the Health department.

The drive started with Uste village of Sattari where a large number of villagers took their first dose of KFD vaccination. The drive will continue till 21 October 2016 and cover the villages of  Charavane, Mauxi, Saleli and Pali.


“Every person going to the forest in age group 6 to 65 years must come forward to take the vaccination dose to keep themself safe from the KFD disease,”  said Dr Naik.

Vaccination for KFD can also be taken at the Primary Health Center, Valpoi on  Monday and Wednesday from  9 am to 1 pm informed officials.


Kyasanur forest disease (KFD) is a tick-borne viral hemorrhagic fever endemic to South Asia.

The disease was first reported from Kyasanur forest of Karnataka in India in 1957. Its outbreak then was among monkeys, killing several of them. Hence, the disease is locally known as ‘monkey fever’.