Entrepreneurship was never looked upon as a preferred choice by Goan youth all these years. But offlate one can see a pleasant change in this attitude with many Goan youth starting up innovative ventures of their own. Ahoy! homerepair is one such venture set up by a Goan IT professional , Vinayak Burye. Instead of treading the commonly followed path of working for a fat pay packet in the IT Industry this IT Engineer preferred to start up an enterprise of his own by leveraging IT to deploy his service oriented business. In a chat with us Burye talks about   new venture and the way IT helps him take it  further.

What’s the Live Free concept all about? And specially the name Ahoy!

The concept is to make life easier and more comfortable by providing people with efficient service. We recognize and understand the daily hassles and hence we promise to take care of the problems while our customers can only sit back and relax. The words “live free!” have been used with that context. And the word ‘Ahoy!’ means ‘hello’, so we use it to kind of introduce our venture to the people by saying ‘Ahoy! Home convenience’. So it basically introduces the home convenience system to people.

Way and means by which a customer can approach you.

The customers can call our service number 8975606119 and request the desired service by providing their information like name, phone number and their address. Customers can also send an SMS, with brief description about the job they want to get done and we get back to them within no time. They can also reach us by visiting the official website, ‘www.ahoyhomerepair.com’ and they can get all the information about the services we provide at their fingertips.

How is Information Technology helping you further a service oriented business like Ahoy!

Being from the IT sector, has helped me the most to utilize the knowledge needed, to create a system which handles a business like a huge number of people would be working together to create one.
Working in the IT for 6 years made it the biggest advantage for me to put in everything I learnt there, to create something huge. Making a system that can handle several tasks like keeping records, evaluating the money transactions, Tracking the customer preferences, keeping track of each and every progress made in the business, is definitely not easy. It was a great effort for me, but having a good experience from the Information Technology made it easy.

How do you leverage social media for your business?

– In the initial few days of ahoy! home convenience, I had put up an advertisement on Facebook to make my friends aware and soon people knew of my home convenience. Later, I made visiting cards and pamphlets which I slowly started circulating in the local newspapers, which spread awareness about the service I provide, rapidly. Once I was sure people had started recognizing the brand, I further went and made a website, ‘www.ahoyhc.com’ which exhibits all the services the system provides. The website makes it easier for the customers to contact us and also place their orders.

Despite being from the lucrative IT engineering field what made you plunge into business of this type?

Doing a business like this was not pre-planned. It was only when I started noticing the daily hassles and realized it was quite a task to find reliable workmen to get home based work, like carpentry, plumbing, etc, done. It was only then that I thought of starting a convenience system that can provide all the services that we need regularly at reasonable prices and with efficient workers. I hope to achieve my goal and give the best service to all my customers.

What’s your advice for those who want to start their own ventures?

I can say money, is like the cheese which Jerry, the mouse (from Tom and Jerry, the famous cartoon) keeps running after. We all are like him. We all want to be successful, we all toil and want to be able to live respectfully in the society. But doing a business is like the mouse trap, which we see in the cartoon.
Every time that a mouse trap is planted in Jerry’s way, we see him dodge the trap easily and manage to get the cheese. Similarly, one must be tactful enough to tackle what ever comes in their way. One must be aware of all the resources and knowledge they will need with the kind of venture they want to start.