Manohar Parrikar took oath as Chief Minister of Goa today for the fourth  time.


The other ministers who took oath of office and secrecy along with him are Francis D’Souza, Sudin Dhavlikar, Vijay Sardesai, Babu Azgaonkar, Rohan Khaunte, Vinod Paliencar, Jayesh Salgaonkar, Pandurang Madkaikar and Govind Gaude.


Out of ten five are first time ministers. CM Parrikar ttok his oath in Konkani. BJP National President Amit Shaha and Senior BJP Leaders Venkayya Naidu and Nitin Gadkari are at the swearing in ceremony.


Our government will last for five years asserted Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar while talking to media after the swearing in ceremony at Raj Bhavan, Donapaula.

The mandate given by the people  of Goa is a fractured one. 22 MLAs represent 50.5 percent of the voters.  It is post poll coalition.  We will prove majority on Thursday as per  Supreme Court directions.  After proving majority we will give portfolios.

“There was speculation in media whether we had majority or not. Lead to form the government was taken by the regional parties, not by me.  We have 22 letters of support. We have formed the government for development of the state,” said Parrikar.

“Congress created hindrances, but if congress has majority then they should prove it,” said Parrikar.

“In ten years Goa had twelve chief ministers in the past. Nobody is willing to support congress because of infighting,” he added.

Coconut grass error can be corrected  said Parrikar.