The public hearing called to discuss the coal expansion plans of MPT was postponed due to insufficient place to accommodate the public.


More than 1500 people gathered to participate in the hearing. All these people could not be accommodated in the Tourist hostel hall. All members of the public who had gathered at the venue wanted the venue to be changed to a bigger one so that   everybody would be able to sit and hear the proceedings.


But the government panel seemed adamant to continue the proceedings. Public warned the panel of issues with law and order if the citizens were not given their due rights. Huge uproar against MPT and government by the public made the additional Collector Johnson Fernandes to postpone the meet for the second time.

Public demanded that the next meeting to be held at Tilak Maidan on a public holiday. Other officials present were Environmental Engineer Sanjeev Joglekar, of GSPCB, and Additional SDM Arvind Khutkar. Environmenatlists, politicians and concerned citizens from across the state had gathered to attend the public hearing at the port