bookPANJIM: Goa’s literary field will be enriched on Sunday with ‘Raw Earth’ a novel by Alexandre Moniz Barbosa.

‘Raw Earth’ is a political story that takes place in contemporary times in Goa and is set against the mining background. It is the story of two brothers – one is the Chief Minister of Goa and the other is the Archbishop. The brothers clash when the former succumbs to the pressures of the mining lobby and unveils a decision that will have far-reaching consequences on the environment.

The book is published by Broadway Publishing House. The book will be released by Dr Maria Emilia Menezes, Director Wallace Pharmaceuticals and Managing Director Indi Pharma.
Vinayak Naik, Editor in Chief of Goa Today will present the book on SUNDAY, February 7th 2016, at 10.30 am at Audi II – Maquinez Palace, ESG Bldg, Panaji.

Moniz Barbosa is a journalist by profession and this is his fourth book. He is currently Executive Editor of Herald. His first book was the novel ‘Touched by the Toe’ that was published in 2004. In 2008 he published a collection of the works of Goan journalist Fanchu Loyola translated from the Portuguese to English in the book ‘Passionate and Unrestrained. In 2011, Moniz Barbosa brought out ‘Goa Rewound’ a socio-political commentary on Goa 50 years after its liberation from Portuguese rule.