An array of budding entrepreneurs are ushering in a new blossom on the Goan IT Industry scene. Recent times have seen young Goan IT/ITES entrepreneurs and Goan Startups Goa Maptheir startups making a mark nationally as well as globally. Interestingly almost all of them are self motivated and highly charged and are paving a niche for themselves without waiting for government or other agencies to help them out. In fact the state IT department is hardly even aware of the existence of these entities and their potential leave aside taking concrete steps to boost and smoothen their way forward. When states like Gujarat , Andhra, Maharashtra, Kerala etc are celebrating their budding entrepreneurs and encouraging them in all possible manners Goa seems to be refraining from even giving them their due acknowledgement.

Pranav Pai Vernekar
Pranav Pai Vernekar, Inventrom

One after the other success stories have been emerging on the startup front in Goa for the past couple of years as the world is taking cognizance of this budding talent. Fleetrover a Goan tech startup company , barely five months old managed to raise $1.8 lakh as seed funding from three angel investors in the US. A couple of months back another Goan firm L&A Tech was acquired by a German firm for a whooping 1 million euro.

Gourav Jaswal of Synapse is yet another unsung hero of the Goan IT Industry who started his first business at the age of twenty-one and since then has built half-a-dozen growing, profitable companies. Inventrom, a start-up by Pranav Pai Vernekar has been declared the winner of the India Innovation Growth Program from amongst over 1300 innovators from across the country. Yet another young Goan entrepreneur in the IT space, App developer Prajyot Mainkar has been making waves at global conferences like the Android Developer Day conference held in the beginning of May 2015 at Turkey, Google I/O 2015 developer conference held in the last week of May at San Francisco. Twenty two year old Nigel Quadros’es firm has been selected to be part of a reputed android conference scheduled to be held at Boston in July 2015 and the list goes on.

Luke Sequeira
Luke Sequeira, Fleetrover

Incubations centers in the state like the Goa IT Incubation Center (GITIC), Center for Incubation and Business Acceleration (CIBA), Goa Entrepreneurs Mentoring Services (GEMS) etc are doing their bit. But these organization have their own limitations. A special mention needs to be made of the untiring efforts put in by the GITIC Director Jervis Pereira to pull the IT Community together for mutual synergy. He has also been striving to co-ordinate with the state IT department to take up issues related to the local IT Industry.

Prajyot Mainkar
Prajyot Mainkar, Androcid

Instead of following the generally treaded paths of searching for lucrative jobs mostly outside Goa our youth in the IT sector have started looking at entrepreneurship as a viable option. In the process they are generating employment for many others. They need to be encouraged and given all possible handholding to utilize their inherent potential to the fullest. This is precisely what Goas IT Investment Policy must have strived for. A meetup with these Neo-Entrepreneurs would have given the policy the shape and the form most suitable for Goa in its present setup. Nonetheless, a meeting has been called up by the department with the IT entrepreneurs in the second week of June. Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best!