The Valpoi Municipal council has not been able to undertake any developmental work for the past 4 years due to lack of funds according to Ramdas Shirodkar, Chairperson of Valpoi Municipal council.

“We cannot take up any developmental work for our people due to lack of funds. We are requesting the government to allocate funds to us so that we can take up important projects that will help the common man of Valpoi,” Shirodkar  said.

“In the past four years we have sent only one file to the government related to crematoriums for all faiths – cemetry, smashan bhumi & kabrashtan. But the file is not getting financial approval  for the past six months,”  Shirodkar lamented.



“We have done all the procedures of the crematorium project including , but till today there is no reply,” he added.

The Municipality playing ground is in bad condition so are the roads in some wards. Municipality wishes to take up these and other development works but lack of funds and dragging of files with the government departments is a major hindrance reiterated Valpoi Chairperson.

“Our people feel that we as elected councillors and the Valpoi Municipal council per say are not doing any development work but in reality, we are doing trying our best,” he added.